Cerebria: The Inside World

The Aspirations Cards - Example


EXAMPLE: Diana’s last Absorb Ability emptied the Diligence Sphere, which immediately triggered a Revelation. Diana and Thomas, playing as Bliss, reveal their Hidden Aspiration (Unity), while Leo and Fred, playing as Gloom, reveal theirs (Attitude). The current Common Aspiration is Awareness.

(A) Bliss has a chain of four adjacent Emotions (1) - (4) while Gloom only has three (5) - (7), Bliss accomplished their Hidden Aspiration.

(B) Both Bliss (8) - (10) and Gloom (11) - (13) have Emotions on three different Triads, so the Common Aspiration is accomplished by no one.

(C) Bliss controls the Willow of Values and the Land of Desires, (14) - (15) while Gloom controls the Network of Thoughts and the Cradle of Senses (16) - (17). Influence on the Valley of Motives is tied, so no one controls it. This means that Gloom failed to accomplish their Hidden Aspiration.

As a result of this Revelation, Bliss scores a Minor Fragment (18). Because the Fortress Fragment adjacent to the Sphere was there at the beginning of the turn, they add that to the Identity as well (19), resulting in a total of 2 Minor Fragments.

Bliss and Gloom each discard their Hidden Aspirations. The Common Aspiration is turned face down.

Since no Major Fragments were scored, no common Aspiration is removed. The game simply proceeds with the next Common Aspiration. Bliss’ new current Hidden Aspiration will be the topmost one of their deck, but Gloom may choose their next Hidden Aspiration from the top three, since they did not accomplish any Aspiration.

After the Revelation, Diana refills the empty Diligence Sphere with 7 Willpower from the general supply, rotates the Origin clockwise, and proceeds to take the one remaining Action in her turn.