Each Mild Emotion has a Strong counterpart that can be brought into play only with this Action. Strong Emotions generally have higher Intensity values and more powerful abilities, so this Action can have a major impact on the game.

BASIC GAME: The Empower Action is not part of the basic game. In the basic game, simply ignore the bottom row of the Spirit board.

To empower one of your team’s Emotions, it must be on a slot adjacent to your Spirit Figure. (Adjacency is explained under the “Invoke Emotion” Action.) The Emotion must be a Mild Emotion with Essence that meets or exceeds its Empower threshold, as depicted below. If this is so, then you spend 3 Willpower to replace it with its counterpart from your deck of Strong Emotions. Discard the Mild Emotion and transfer all Essence from it onto the new Strong Emotion. Any other tokens on the Emotion are discarded.

Above, the indicated icon ( ) represents the Empower threshold.

NOTE: The name of the corresponding Strong Emotion is printed on the Mild Emotion’s card.

NOTE: In the rare case that both copies of the Strong Emotion are already in play, the Mild Emotion cannot be empowered.

Channeled Power: Before empowering the Mild Emotion, you may spend 1 Ambition to add 1 Essence to it from the supply. (You can use this only if there is an empty Essence space. It allows you to empower an Emotion that would otherwise be below the threshold.)

Emotional Outburst: Instead of empowering an Emotion that is adjacent, you can spend 1 additional Willpower to empower any Emotion on the board that meets the other requirements.

EXAMPLE: Diana is adjacent to KINDNESS. The card has 2 Essence on it already (enough to reach its Empower threshold), and she chooses to empower it. She spends 3 Willpower. She discards KINDNESS and replaces it with BENEVOLENCE, its Strong counterpart from the deck of Strong Emotions. The 2 Essence from Kindness go on Benevolence.

NOTE: She would not have been able to empower Kindness at all if it had only one Essence on it, unless she also had the Channeled Power upgrade.