Cerebria: The Inside World

Malice - Spirits and Powers


Malice - The Vitriolic, the Self-Preserving

Malice is the vainest and proudest of all Spirits. It is convinced that everyone else is obviously unworthy of ruling the Inside World and all of it should fall into its capable claws. Malice has a vile nature, lashing out with razor‑sharp criticism even towards its fellow Gloom Spirits. No wonder that Emotions like Selfishness and Dislike gathered under its banner ‑ even self‑obsessed Narcissism. Malice is an egoist, but it is also the Spirit of self‑preservation, knowing exactly that one cannot achieve anything without fending for oneself first.

While on a Frontier space, Malice can quell any opposing Emotion in the adjacent Triad. While on a Realm space, it may also quell any opposing Emotion on the two adjacent Frontier slots.