Cerebria: The Inside World

Place Spirits and Starting Emotions


BASIC GAME: Place your Spirit Figures and Starting Emotion cards on the board as shown in the setup picture in the Main Board Setup section. Essence counters on these cards are placed from the general supply. You may skip the following section.

Each player takes one Bleakness or Brightness card – the starting Emotion belonging to their team. In player order, each player does the following:

1. Place your Spirit Figure on an empty space on one of the five Frontiers.

2. Place your Starting Emotion card on a slot adjacent to your Frontier’s Emotion slot. (So the Starting Emotion will be entirely within a Realm, not on your Frontier.)

3. Place 1 Essence from the general supply on the first (shaded) Essence space of the Emotion card.

NOTE: This initial placement is an exception because the Emotion card goes into a Realm slot. Normally, a Spirit Figure on a Frontier can affect only the Emotion slot on that Frontier.

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