Cerebria: The Inside World

The Absorb Ability - Example


EXAMPLE: Diana chooses to use her Absorb Ability. She flips her Action Tracker token to indicate this. Her Spirit, Delight, is in a Realm, which means she is adjacent to only 1 Sphere, Diligence.

Above: Total Absorb from the Sphere.

Her base Absorb (1) is 2, plus 2 because Bliss controls two Frontiers adjacent to the Valley of Motives (2) - (3). Benevolence (a Strong Emotion not included in the basic game) allows her to take 1 additional Willpower from a Sphere in that Realm (4), so she Absorbs a total of 5. This empties the Sphere. The bonus (5) from the Diligence Sphere gives her an additional 2 Willpower from the supply. Finally, she receives 1 more Willpower from the supply because Benevolence is on an adjacent Triad (6).

Because the Sphere was emptied, a Revelation is triggered. After resolving the Revelation, she rotates the Origin one step clockwise (7).