We humans are explorers, with the strong desire to discover the world around us. Yet here we are, so close to a world with so much to discover and so few brave enough to enter — our own Inside World.

Most of us are simply afraid of the monsters we might encounter, our deepest secrets and hidden truths we would have to face and are too indolent to look into the reasons behind our delighted moments.

As a result of our inaction, our inner Spirits will take over the job and shape the Inside World as they believe it’s best for us — only their point of view is deeply influenced by their nature, shifting our attention towards Gloom or Bliss, leaving us with seemingly no authority over our state of mind.

This game is a kind reminder that you have indeed full control over your Inside World — it is only up to you which side you support, which Spirits you vivify, which Emotions will stay and which ones will have to go. You will see that both Bliss and Gloom have their own, very important role in your journey to find the connection with your true inner self, an essential relationship that leads to a harmonic and joyful life we all desire.

With this short note we would like to encourage you to see behind the surface of Cerebria, and discover the depths of this wonderful, unique and exciting creation: You.