Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

What is a Scourge card?

These cards have lasting negative effects. When a card tells you to suffer a scourge, if that scourge isn’t already displayed, draw it from the vault and display it, then choose a marker design that isn’t already in use and mark it. Then place a corresponding marker next to your character. While so marked by a scourge, that scourge’s powers apply to you. If you suffer a scourge that you already have a marker for, the scourge has no additional effect; do not add another marker. If you encounter a scourge in a location, immediately suffer it; the encounter is over. Some effects cause a scourge to mark a location. If you’re at a location when it is marked, or if you end your turn at a marked location, suffer the corresponding scourge. Powers that remove scourges remove them only from characters, not locations, unless they specifically say otherwise. When a power removes a scourge, remove the marker from the character or the location as appropriate, and if no characters or locations currently suffer the scourge, you may return it to the box.