Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Determine Which Skill You're Using


Choose a skill listed by the check. You may choose a skill that isn’t listed on your character; when you use such a skill, your die is a d4.

Some powers allow you to use a particular skill for a specific type of check. These powers say things like “For your combat check, use Dexterity or Ranged.” You may use only one such power to determine which skill you’re using.

Other powers allow you to use one skill instead of another. These powers say things like “when you attempt a Perception check, you may use Knowledge” or “use Strength instead of Diplomacy.

A few cards that can be used on checks don’t use any of your skills; they instead specify the exact dice to roll, or the result of your roll.

The skill you chose from the list, the skill you’re using, and any skill referenced by that skill, are all added as traits to the check. For example, if you choose combat from the list, then play a weapon that lets you use your Ranged skill for a combat check, and your range skill is “Dexterity +2,” the check is a Dexterity Ranged combat check. Your character’s traits are also added to the check (so if you’re Fumbus, your checks have the Goblin and Alchemist traits).

If you play a card to determine the skill you’re using, that card’s traits are also added to the check; for example, playing the spell Acid Arrow for your combat check adds the Magic, Arcane, Attack, and Acid traits to the check.

If a power adds an additional skill or die to a check, that skill or die is not added as a trait to the check. For example, a card that adds your Strength die to your combat check does not add the Strength trait to your check.