Most cards have traits listed at the lower right. Cards are often specified by their traits. For example, "a Ranged weapon" is shorthand for "a weapon that has the Ranged trait." Don't confuse traits with card names: "a Giant monster" is a monster that has the Giant trait, not necessarily any monster that has the word "Giant" in its name.

Many effects refer to a card's traits. The monster Quivering Cube is immune to the Electricity, Mental. and Poison traits, and is harder to defeat at a location that has the Underground trait.

Checks also have traits (see the Attempting a Check section for more details), and many effects refer to them. For example, some monsters cannot be defeated unless the check to defeat has the Magic trait.

A few traits have special rules: Deity (see the Bless section for more details), loot (see the Loot section for more details), Owner (see the Owner Trait section for more details). and Trigger (see the Searching and Examining section for more details).