Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Card Types: Locations


Locations represent the places your characters visit during the scenario. If any character is at a location, it is considered occupied. Locations have the following features.

At This Location: These are effects that happen while you are at the location, unless stated otherwise.

To Close or To Guard: This tells you what to do when you have the opportunity to close or to guard your location. You may attempt to close your location after you defeat a closing henchman, or after the location runs out of cards (see the Closing Your Location section for more details). You may attempt to guard your location when a distant character encounters a villain (see the Attempt to Guard Distant Locations section for more details).

When Closed: When a location is closed, the effects listed here happen.

Deck List: This tells you the quantity of each card type you need to set up the location (see the Build the Locations section for more details). Quantities are listed for small, medium, and large locations (see the Play It Your Way section for more details).