Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Normal, Heroic, and Legendary Modes


Each scenario can be won in three modes: Normal (N), Heroic (H), and Legendary (L). After completing a scenario in Normal mode, consider replaying in Heroic or Legendary mode for additional challenge and entertainment. The Adventure Path page of the storybook has columns to record your success for each scenario in each of these modes.

Normal: Use the standard number of medium-sized locations, 30 blessings in the hourglass, and no wildcards (apart from any specified by the scenario).

Heroic: Increase the challenge over Normal in two ways described above, typically by adding 2 wildcards.

Legendary: Increase the challenge over Normal in four ways outlined above, typically by adding 3 wildcards and increasing both # for banes and the vault’s bane level by 1.

When your character completes all of the scenarios in any adventure in either Heroic or Legendary mode, you may erase 1 feat then gain 1 feat of the same type you erased.

(If you decrease the challenge below Normal by using smaller locations, fewer locations, a larger hourglass, or a lower #, that’s Easy mode. There’s no special reward for that.)