Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

A Few Rules That Are Easy to Forget


When an effect calls for a random story bane, use the story bane roster.

While encountering a card, the party may collectively play no more than one boon of each type during each step.

When you encounter a card that requires sequential checks to acquire or defeat, any local character can attempt one or more of the checks, as long as the character who encountered the card attempts at least one of them.

If your character doesn’t have a skill listed for a check, you can use a d4 for the check.

You can choose to fail a check; if you do, your result is 0.

Blessing a check adds a die of the same type that the character is already using for the check.

If a location is closed during your explore step, you may no longer explore.

If you die during a scenario, you may spend all your hero points (minimum 1) after the scenario to return from death.