Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Ending a Scenario, Adventure, or Ad Path


If at any point you need to advance the hourglass but there are no cards remaining in it, immediately end the current turn; the scenario ends and your party of adventurers loses. You also lose if all of the characters are dead at the same time (see the Dying section for more details). You do not earn the reward on the scenario, and you didn’t complete that scenario. You must replay it and complete it successfully before you can attempt the next scenario.

If the party corners the villain, or closes all of the locations, or achieves a condition for winning listed on the scenario, they win.

Whether you won or lost, do the following steps in order.

First, if any character is dead, that character may return from death by spending all their hero points (minimum 1). If they do, they are no longer dead and earn rewards as if they hadn’t died. If they do not, the character’s death is permanent, and they do not earn rewards.

Next, if you won, the party earns the reward listed on the scenario. If you completed every scenario in the current adventure, the party also earns the adventure reward, and if you completed every scenario in the Adventure Path, the party earns the Adventure Path reward. Common rewards include hero points and Loot cards (see the Rules: Hero Points and Rules: Loot sections for more details). At some point in most Adventure Paths, you will be rewarded with a role (see the Roles section for more details).

Next, if any boons that are displayed or in a recovery pile could be recovered, banished, or removed from the game when a certain condition is met (such as during recovery, at the end of an encounter or a turn, or when a location closes), process them as if that condition is occurring; treat all characters as local while doing this. Then put all non-boons back in the vault. Next, rebuild your deck (see the Rebuilding section for more details). Finally, put any remaining cards back in the vault.

When you are ready, prepare the next scenario. Normally, if you failed, you should choose to replay the same scenario, and if you succeeded, you may proceed to the next scenario in the adventure. If you completed the adventure, before beginning the next adventure, upgrade the vault by following the instructions on the Adventure Path page of the storybook.

You may instead replay a scenario you have already completed, but you may not earn the reward from a given scenario, adventure, or Adventure Path more than once unless the reward specifically says otherwise.

After you complete the Adventure Path, you can build your own scenarios using the cards you have, you can create new characters and replay the same Adventure Path, or you can start one of several other Adventure Paths we’ve published.