The storybook replaces the Adventure Path, adventure, and scenario cards. This allows us to create more flavorful and complex scenarios.

We have increased the flexibility of villains and henchmen by introducing story banes. Each scenario specifies whether a story bane is a villain, a henchman, or a danger—a card that can be summoned by various effects throughout a scenario. Each scenario also specifies whether henchmen are closing henchmen (ones that let you attempt to close your location after defeating) or non-closing henchmen. A story bane roster is used to summon random story banes.

Proxies mean we no longer have to provide multiple copies of henchmen—there were more than a hundred duplicates in each previous Adventure Path. This lets us bring you more new cards!

Characters’ token cards have been replaced with pawns, and we’ve added 63 markers that can be used by various game effects.