Character and role cards include a number of checkboxes called feats. If you are rewarded with a hero point after a scenario, you may immediately spend it to gain a feat, meaning you check one of these boxes to receive an ongoing benefit to your character (see the Hero Points section for more details). You cannot use feats you haven't checked off. There are three types of feats.

Skill Feats: These provide a modifier for a particular skill; you add the modifier to any check you attempt using that skill. So if your Charisma die is d10, and you've checked the" +2" box for your Charisma skill, you'll roll 1d10 and add 2 when you attempt a check using your Charisma skill (see the Attempting a Check section for more details).

Power Feats: These provide new powers or improve existing powers. If your character has a power adding 1d4 to another character's combat check, and you've checked the “+ 1” box next to it, you'll add 1d4+1. These modifiers apply only when using the power on your character; if you instead play a card with a similar power, the feat modifier doesn't apply. Many power feats are enclosed by parentheses; until you check the box associated with it, ignore the entire parenthetical. Feats modifying hand size or proficiencies also count as power feats.

Card Feats: Each of these allows you to keep one more card of a particular type in your deck. After you gain a card feat, use the new number on your deck list when rebuilding.

When you gain a feat, you may choose any type, but for each type, the maximum number you may check is equal to the # of the last scenario you completed. So if you most recently played a scenario in Adventure 2, you may have a maximum of 2 skill feats, 2 power feats, and 2 card feats checked.

When a power starts with a checkbox, that checkbox must be checked before any feat inside it. If two or more feats are adjacent, they must be checked in order from left to right. For example, if a skill has boxes labeled +1, +2, and +3, you must check the +1 box before you can check the +2 or +3 box, and you must have checked +1 and +2 before you can check +3. Numeric checkboxes aren't cumulative – that is, “+2” replaces "+ 1;" they do not add together to make +3.

We recommend you use a pencil to lightly check the feat boxes, or you can track your character with the free character sheets posted online at