When you play a card, it usually requires you to take one of the following actions.

• Draw: Put it in your hand.
• Reveal: Show it from your hand then put it back in your hand. You may not reveal the same card for its power more than once per check or step.
• Display: Put it faceup next to your deck, unless stated otherwise; the card’s powers function as long as it is displayed. Displaying a card and immediately activating a power on it counts as playing it once, not twice. When a character displays a card, it is not part of that character’s hand, deck, or discards, but it still belongs to that character. If you display a boon for any reason other than playing it, ignore its powers.
• Reload: Put it on top of your deck.
• Recharge: Put it facedown at the bottom of your deck.
• Discard: Put it into your discards—a pile of faceup cards next to your deck.
• Bury: Put it in your bury pile underneath your character (likely losing access to it for the rest of the scenario).
• Banish: Most cards you banish return to the vault, shuffled in with other cards of the same type. However, if you would banish a card you played that has a during recovery power, instead set it aside in a recovery pile. At the end of the turn, you can attempt to recover some of these cards (see the End Your Turn section for more details).