Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules: The Golden Rules


If the storybook, cards, or rules are ever in conflict, the storybook overrides the cards, and the cards override the rules. There is one exception to this: When the rulebook uses the word "never" or "always," nothing can override it. If powers on cards conflict with one another, locations override support cards, support cards override characters, and characters override other card types.

Despite this hierarchy, if the storybook or a card says that you cannot do something and something else says that you can, comply with the one that tells you that you cannot. For example, if you're at a location that says you cannot move, and the scenario has an effect that would move your character, you do not move.

If you are told to ignore something, the thing you're ignoring never has any effect on you.

If you are instructed to do something impossible, like draw a card from an empty deck, ignore that instruction.

Regardless of the above. if you need to do anything with any number of cards from the hourglass (other than shuffling it) and you don't have enough, you lose the scenario; if that happens with your deck, your character dies.