If, for any reason, you are ever required to remove one or more cards from your deck and you don’t have enough cards, your character dies. Bury your deck, hand, recovery pile, displayed cards, and discards; your turn immediately ends. You cannot take turns, play cards, move, attempt checks, do anything, or affect anything while you are dead; effects that refer to characters do not affect you unless they specifically refer to dead characters.

Certain powerful cards allow characters to return from death during the scenario. Alternatively, at the end of the scenario, if you are dead, you may spend all of your hero points (minimum 1) to return from death; you are no longer dead, and receive rewards as if you had not died (see the After the Scenario section for more details). Otherwise, death is permanent. The other characters may use the dead character’s cards when they rebuild their decks after the scenario; any cards they don’t keep are then returned to the vault.

If all of the characters are dead, the party loses the scenario (see the Ending a Scenario, Adventure, or Adventure Path section for more details).

If your character dies, start a new character for the next scenario. Choose a character (it can be the same character who just died, though you do not get any of the feats that character previously had) and build a new deck as described in the Build Your Deck section, choosing cards with a maximum level of the most recently played scenario’s # minus 2 (minimum 0).