Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Strategy: Should You Be Selfish?


Throughout the game, your friends will ask you for help. They might even beg for it. Should you ever tell them no?

Usually not. This is a cooperative game, so sharing information and setting goals as a group is wise. Think about ways you can help each other, such as Harsk reloading a weapon to add to another character's check. You might spend a blessing to get a boon that you can't use so you can give it to someone else who desperately wants it. Some groups even play with their hands faceup on the table so everyone can help make choices.

Other players do not share as readily, and there's a good reason for it. Your character is a living, growing entity. Your choices determine whether your character succeeds and improves. If you let your friends make decisions for you, you might not be looking out for yourself.