Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Example: Closing a Location


Kyra has defeated the final card in the Cell location, and she is now attempting to close the location. The Cell's When Closing section offers two options: Kyra can either bury an ally or she can succeed at a Strength or Disable check with a difficulty of 6+#. She's playing a scenario in adventure 1, so the difficulty is 7. She has the ally Acolyte in her hand, but she wants to keep it, so she chooses to attempt the check instead. She doesn't have the Disable skill, so she uses her Strength skill of d8. She plays the blessing Prayer to bless the check, which adds another Strength die to the check. She rolls 2d8 and gets a 10, which is enough to close the Cell. Its When Closed power is activated, so she draws a new ally from the vault, randomly selecting a Tinker. She puts the Cell card in the Vault, and since she now has to move, she decides to go to the Academy. Since a location closed during her explore step, she can no longer explore this turn.