Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Card Types: Characters


Each character has unique skills, powers, and decks. Characters include the following information:

Feats: The checkboxes on your character are feats. See the Rules: Feats section for more details.

Skills: Skills tell you what type of die to roll when you attempt a check (see the Attempting a Check section for more details). Normally, you roll 1 die of the appropriate type for a check, but other cards can add to that.

Hand Size: This is the number of cards you draw to form your hand at the beginning of each scenario. When you reset, you must discard or draw cards so you have exactly this number of cards again.

Proficiencies: Some cards are more useful for characters who are proficient with them. You are proficient with a card if you are proficient with its card type or any of its traits. If a proficiency lists a trait combined with a card type, such as “Alchemical item,” you are proficient with boons of that card type only if they have that trait. If a character gains the Arcane, Divine, Melee, or Ranged skill, they gain proficiency with the corresponding trait.

Powers: Each character has powers you can use to affect the game. Unless a character power says “you may,” it is active whenever it is appropriate. For example, Fumbus’s Boomshaker role has a power that causes him to draw a card at the end of his exploration — even if he’s running out of cards in his deck. You may use as many character powers during each check or step as you like, though no more than once each, except for powers that happen when particular effects occur.

Deck List: At the start of each scenario, your deck must contain exactly the listed quantity of each boon type. As you play through a scenario, you will add and remove cards from your deck, so it may vary from this list during play. At the end of the scenario, you’ll rebuild your deck to conform to the list again, although you might not end up with exactly the same cards you had before. If you have a cohort listed, and it hasn’t been removed from the game, you can put it in your hand after you draw your starting hand.

Favored Card: Your character begins each scenario with at least 1 card matching this description in hand (see the Draw Starting Hands section for more details).