Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Card Types: Support Cards


Support cards supplement various features of the game. Support cards do not count as either banes or boons.

Cohort: These are companions that some characters get at the start of a scenario. (The Core Set does not include any characters that use cohorts; they can be found in certain class decks and Adventure Paths.) If the back of your character lists a cohort at the bottom of your deck list, after you draw your starting hand, add your cohort to it.

If you encounter a cohort in a location, you automatically acquire it. If you would banish a cohort from a location, you may encounter it instead. Otherwise, if you would banish a cohort, remove it from the game instead; it may not be used in future scenarios, even if it’s listed on your character.

Scourge: These cards have lasting negative effects. When a card tells you to suffer a scourge, if that scourge isn’t already displayed, draw it from the vault and display it, then choose a marker design that isn’t already in use and mark it. Then place a corresponding marker next to your character. While so marked by a scourge, that scourge’s powers apply to you.

If you suffer a scourge that you already have a marker for, the scourge has no additional effect; do not add another marker.

If you encounter a scourge in a location, immediately suffer it; the encounter is over.

Some effects cause a scourge to mark a location. If you’re at a location when it is marked, or if you end your turn at a marked location, suffer the corresponding scourge.

Powers that remove scourges remove them only from characters, not locations, unless they specifically say otherwise. When a power removes a scourge, remove the marker from the character or the location as appropriate, and if no characters or locations currently suffer the scourge, you may return it to the box.

Story Bane Roster: Each Adventure Path includes 1 or more of these cards, providing a categorized list of story banes for that Adventure Path. When an effect requires a random story bane from one of these categories, randomly choose it from the appropriate story bane roster. When an effect requires a random story bane and no category is specified, randomly choose a category first. If you randomly choose a story bane that is not available, randomly choose another. If you randomly choose a story bane that is not available, randomly choose another.

The story bane roster for The Dragon’s Demand is on the back of the wildcard The Onslaughts.

Wildcard: These cards have powers that increase the challenge of the game. See the Add Wildcards section for more details.

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