Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Example of Play: Alice's Turn


Alice advances the hour, placing the blessing Incitation with its “No effect” hour power on top of the hourglass discards. Then she eagerly encounters the Boggart that Sajan had spotted at the Oubliette. “It’s skullcrushing time!” The pesky Fey monster has a couple tricks up its sleeve. If it’s undefeated, it shuffles into a random other location, dragging Alice along for the ride. More pressingly, it is defeated with either a Knowledge or Perception check of 4, then a Combat check of 10. Amiri is all set to stab the Boggart, but she doesn’t have Knowledge or Perception, so attempting either would mean rolling 1d4.

Luckily, Lem is there to lend a hand. When a bane requires multiple checks, the character that encounters the bane must attempt at least one of them, but other local characters can attempt any others. “Lem!” Alice says. “Time to bard it up!” Lem has Knowledge: Intelligence +1, and his Intelligence is d6, so he already has a much better chance of success than Amiri. Additionally, Lem has a character power that lets him recharge a card to add an additional 1d4, for a roll of 1d6 + 1d4 + 1. Lee rolls and gets a 10, easily reciting the steps required to make the Boggart play fair. “Teamwork!”

Since Amiri encountered the monster, she must attempt at least one of the checks, and Alice is keen to do so. “Ok, now it’s skullcrushing time!” Alice reveals the Longspear from her hand, allowing her to use Amiri’s Melee skill + 1d8. Amiri has Melee: Strength +2, and her Strength is d12. Alice looks at Amiri’s first character power, but decides that she doesn’t need to go that far just yet. The Longspear power she’s using says “you may additionally discard to reroll the dice,” which should be good enough if she rolls low. Alice says “I got this” to offers of help from Lee and Sam, then rolls a 17, banishing the Boggart. She ends her turn. Since she revealed the Longspear, and didn’t need to discard it for its reroll ability, she is already at her hand size, so doesn’t need to discard or draw.