Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Strategy: Where Should You Sit?


One of the most interesting decisions comes before you even start playing a scenario: who sits where.

Amiri has a power that can move characters with her and another that lets her keep exploring after she closes a location. If you're playing Lem, you probably want to get drawn up in that ride, so sit to her left to have your turn right after hers. But if you're playing Merisiel, who benefits from being alone, you don't want to be surprised by Amiri showing up at your location – you want to go before her, so sit to her right.

Harsk can examine cards at the end of his turn, so if you're playing a fragile character like Fumbus, you might want to put yourself downstream from him so you can act on what he learns.

Careful strategy before the game can save your life during the game. So don't just sit anywhere. Think it through.