Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Example of Play: Sam's Turn


At the beginning of his turn, Sam advances the hour, flipping over Cayden Cailean’s Revelry. Its hour power will help if anyone rolls especially low this turn. Next, Sam uses the Tower’s At This Location power to examine the top card of a distant location, choosing the Oubliette. Sam reports to Alice and Lee that a mischievous Fey creature called a Boggart is lurking in their location.

Then Sajan explores the Tower. Sam flips over the top card: it’s a Ghoul, an Undead monster. To defeat it, he’ll need to succeed at a combat check of 11+##; since they’re playing adventure 1, that’s 13.

Using one of Sajan’s character powers, Sam recharges a Compass to use Acrobatics + 1d6 for his combat check. Sajan has the skill Acrobatics: Dexterity +2, and his Dexterity skill is d8, so this power lets him roll 1d8 + 1d6 +2. (The power also adds the level of the Compass, which is sadly 0.) Sam would like to improve Sajan’s chances.

The Ghoul is immune to Mental and Poison, which reduces the party’s options somewhat, but Sam still has 2 blessings in hand. Each of these can bless his check with 1 additional die; since he’s using Acrobatics, which uses his Dexterity die, that means another d8. Normally, only one blessing can be played on a single check, but another of Sajan’s character powers allows Sam to freely play one additional blessing. And yet another character power allows Sam to recharge these blessings rather than discard them. This means that they’ll go on the bottom of his deck, and he might eventually draw them again.

With both blessings in play, Sajan’s combat check is 3d8 + 1d6 + 2. Sam rolls horribly and gets a total of 11, including a 1 on one of the d8s. This is not enough to defeat the Ghoul, so Sajan is in danger of suffering some damage. Remembering the hour power, Sam discards a card to reroll the d8 that rolled a 1. The rerolled die comes up 2, yielding a total of 12, which is still not good enough to defeat the Ghoul and banish it. Sajan suffers 1 Combat damage, so Sam must discard his remaining card, a Starknife. The Ghoul also makes him banish an ally or suffer the scourge Dazed; since he has no ally in hand, he has to suffer the scourge. He draws it from the vault and displays it, putting a marker on it, then he puts a matching marker next to his character.

After shuffling the Ghoul back into the Tower, Sam ends his turn. To reset, he has to draw 5 cards to fill his hand, then the turn passes to Alice.