Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Example of Play: Lee's Turn


Lee advances the hour, getting Nethys’s Duality. Its hour power adds an additional d4 to checks against spells. Noting there are 2 spells in the Laboratory, Lem moves over there, and sure enough, he encounters the spell Magic Eye. It requires an Intelligence, Wisdom, Arcane, or Divine check of 7, which Lem achieves by using his Arcane skill of Charisma +1 and his Charisma of d10. The hour power gives him a total of 1d10 + 1d4 + 1, and he rolls a result of 9. He puts Magic Eye into his hand.

He decides to press his luck and discards the ally Standard Bearer to explore again, gaining 1d4 on his checks against story banes. That’ll come in handy: he encounters the henchman Clockwork Guardian! This Construct Veteran requires either a Combat check of 13+## (15 for adventure 1 scenarios) or an Arcane or Knowledge check of 7+# (8). He could attempt another Arcane check, but he reads further on the monster’s card. It’s immune to Mental and Poison, but vulnerable to Electricity, which means if his check has the Electricity trait, he’ll add 4. Lee seizes on this information and plays the spell Lightning Touch, which has the Electricity trait, and lets him use Arcane + 2d4. This means he’ll be able to roll 1d10 + 3d4 + 5 to try to get 15 or more. That sounds easier. Since Lightning Touch has a during recovery power, he starts a recovery pile with it, hoping that he can recharge it at the end of his turn.

Lee gets a result of 17 on his roll, and when this particular henchman is defeated, Lem gets a new weapon. Lee pulls a Giantbane Greataxe from the vault. Not the ideal card for Lem, but... “Gimme it!” Alice says, and Lee promises to give it to her next turn.

Because the scenario lists the Clockwork Guardian as a closing henchman, Lem now has an opportunity to close the Laboratory. It requires him to succeed at an Intelligence or Craft check of 5+#, or 6. Lem has an Intelligence of d6, and since he doesn’t have Craft, that’s the best he can do. But he can use his character power to recharge a card, his Soothing Word, to add a d4. He rolls the two dice and gets a 6 exactly. The Laboratory is closed! Its When Closed power lets him summon 3 spells, attempt to acquire 1 and banish the others. He pulls the spells Deflect, Phantasmal Minion, and Charm Person. He chooses to try to acquire Charm Person and banishes the others. He attempts Charm Person’s Arcane 6 check, using his 1d10+1 Arcane skill plus the hour power’s d4, but gets only 5. Charm Person goes back in the vault. Maybe he’ll get it some other time.

Lee puts the closed location back in the vault and moves Lem back to the Oubliette in case Amiri needs help. Since he can no longer explore, he decides to end his turn, and has to deal with the Lightning Touch in his recovery pile. He needs to succeed at an Arcane 6 check to recharge the spell, or it goes into his discards. Nethys’s Duality’s hour power still applies, so he rolls the same dice as before, this time getting a 10. He recharges Lightning Touch, then draws back up to his hand size of 6.

It’s been three very eventful turns, with more adventure ahead!