Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules: Faceup Cards on Locations


Sometimes a card is left faceup on the top of a location. The card is still in the location, and it cannot leave the top of the location until it is defeated or the condition that caused it to be left faceup on the location has been resolved. If a faceup card tells you that you must do something during your first exploration on a turn, then you must do that thing the first time you explore that turn. After that exploration, ignore it for the purpose of additional explorations that turn: however, it still counts as the top card of the location for any other purpose. If multiple cards are left faceup on the same location, you may place them in any order and encounter them in that order one per exploration. If you're instructed to put cards on top of the location, put them immediately below any faceup cards. If you're instructed to shuffle the location, leave any faceup cards on top.