Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

What does "summon and encounter" mean?

Summon the card and encounter it. This starts a new encounter. If you’re already in an encounter, complete the encounter with the summoned card before continuing the original encounter. If you’re told to summon and encounter the danger, summon the danger listed by the scenario and encounter it; if the scenario lists more than one danger, randomly choose one of them. If you’re told to summon and encounter a boon, and you acquire it, draw it. Otherwise, after evading a summoned card or resolving the encounter with it, always put it back in the vault unless the card that caused you to summon it instructs you otherwise. If an effect causes multiple characters to summon and encounter cards, resolve the encounters sequentially in any order you like, including banishing the card at the end of the encounter. If the summoned card is a villain, defeating it does not allow you to win the scenario. Summoned cards are not part of any location.
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