Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

How do I explore my location?

You may explore your location once each turn without playing a card that allows you to explore; this must be your first exploration of your turn. You may never explore outside of your explore step. When you explore, first apply any effects that happen when you explore, then flip over the top card of your current location and encounter it. If it’s a boon, attempt to acquire it; if it’s a bane, attempt to defeat it (see the Encountering a Card section for more details). Many effects allow you to explore again on your turn; each exploration is a separate step. There is no limit to the number of times you can explore. However, during a single exploration, no matter how many different effects allow you to explore again, treat them as granting 1 additional exploration, not a series of additional explorations. For example, Ezren is at the Academy, which says “On your first exploration of your turn, if you encounter anything other than a spell, after the exploration you may explore.” On his first exploration of his turn, he encounters and defeats the barrier Pit Trap, which says “If defeated, you may explore.” He gains only 1 additional exploration, not 2. If something grants you an additional exploration, after you finish what you are doing, you must immediately use that exploration or forfeit it.
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