Start by moving any Enemy Nearby a square containing 1+ into that square. Reminder: If there is not enough space on the square to accommodate them all, you decide which ones will not enter. Likewise, if 1+ Enemies are on a square in contact with several squares containing 1+ ,you decide which square they move to.

All the Enemies that have not yet moved move 1 square (unless otherwise indicated on the Enemy card) in the direction indicated on the Event card drawn at the start of the turn: N, S, E or W. Refer to the compass placed on the table. If the direction on the Event card is ?: Check a random card halfway through the Event deck until you get a direction, then move Enemies 1 square in that direction.

First, move the Enemies who are on the row of squares closest to the direction shown by the Event card. Then move those on the row of squares that is in contact with the previous row and so on until all have been moved (see example below).

1+ Guards located on a square containing an Objective base with 1+ unoccupied spaces are immediately placed on that space.

After performing all Enemy movements, resolve what they may have triggered (Detection Tests, bomb, etc.).

Reminder: If the arrival square of 1+ Enemies contains 1+ Assassins /Allies /Bodies, perform 1 Detection Test.

An Enemy does not move if:

- A Wall blocks their movement.
- The square they are headed to already contains 4 Enemies.

- There are no Ladders between street and roof squares. Note: Some Elite Guards, such as Agiles, do not need ladders.
- They are on one of the 3 spaces of an Objective base.
- They are on a square containing 1+ (even if it is not attached to a miniature).

Important: If a card states to move 1+ Guards, it must always be done in accordance to the above rules, unless the card states otherwise.

Example: Enemies must move North according to the “Corruption” Event card drawn at the beginning of the turn. They move in the following order:

1 - Square : The Guard located on this square cannot move: There is no square to the north. The Body (the miniature that has been laid down) will be removed from the Map when the 3 Guards on square enter the square (see below).

2 - Square : Only 3 Guards can move north (Square ) where there is already 1 Guard. When they enter, they perform 1 Detection Test because of the Body which is then removed from the Map (return it to the Enemy Reserve).

3 - Square : The Guard cannot move: They are blocked by a wall.

4 - Square : Only 1 Guard can move to square , because the other 3 are on the spaces of an Objective base.