Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<29> Enemy Reinforcement Step


Each turn, new Guards enter the Map. There are 2 types of Guards: The Crossbowmen () and the Elites ().

Always play with the 8 Reinforcement cards that have an icon that matches the total of Assassins in play ( , or ). For example, when 4 Assassins are in play, use reinforcement cards with this icon below.

Draw 1 Reinforcement card and select the column that corresponds to the Alert State ( or ). Pick the number of Guards of the indicated type from the Enemy Reserve ( = Crossbowmen or = Elite) and place them on each square in contact with an Enemy entrance token matching the letter


If the Alert State is (right column), place:

- 1 Elite Guard on each square in contact with an Entrance A token.

- 1 Crossbowman on each square in contact with an Entrance B.

- 1 Crossbowman on each square in contact with an Entrance C.

- No Enemies on all squares in contact with an Entrance D.

Ignore any reinforcement associated with Enemy entrances (A, B, C or D) that are not on the map. Likewise, ignore reinforcements that fail to enter because the square is full (see brown box below). When the Reinforcement pile is exhausted, shuffle its discard pile and create a new pile.

Note: If an Enemy Entrance token is placed behind a wall, the Guards can still enter.

Reminder: If there are not enough miniatures to place ALL the reinforcements, the Memory is failed.


There can never be more than 4 Enemies and / or Bodies, on a square. If Enemies have to enter a square containing 1+ Bodies and there are not enough spaces to accommodate them all: Remove as many Bodies as necessary (return them to the Enemy Reserve) and perform a Detection Test for those Bodies.

Example: 4 Agile Guards must enter a square containing 1 Crossbowman and 3 Bodies. Remove the 3 Bodies, Move 3 Agiles to the square (the 4th cannot Move as there is no space left) and perform a Detection Test: Each Agile rolls 1 die for each Body. As there are 3 Bodies and 3 Agiles, roll a total of 9 dice.

Note: The 4 miniatures per square limit is only for Enemies.