Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<17> Hiding and Searching Bodies



Assassins on a square containing 1+ Bodies (Enemy miniatures that are laid down) can hide all Bodies by spending only 1 :

1. If you want to search them: draw and reveal, one by one, as many Equipment cards as there are Bodies to hide. You can stop drawing cards whenever you want. Important: As soon as you draw an “Investigation” card, apply its effect and stop searching immediately.

2. Remove all the Bodies from the square, even if the search was interrupted by an “Investigation” card, and put them back in the Enemy Reserve.

3. Choose to discard or keep the Equipment cards on your Assassin board (see 18). If the Equipment card deck has run out, shuffle the discard pile and form a new deck.


An incognito Assassin can hide 1+ Bodies on their square. An exposed Assassin can hide them provided there are no Enemies on their square.