Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<37> Adjusting the Number of Players


You can change the number of Assassins of a campaign that is in progress. This change must be made between 2 Memories (never during a Memory).

When an Assassin joins the campaign:

- If your Assassins are at level 0, take the new Assassin’s card from its envelope, as well as 4 (or 3 if you are playing Memory 0.1 or 0.2) and 3 .

- If your Assassins are level I or higher, from the Assassin’s envelope and the game box, take:

- The Assassin card matching the Level of the other Assassins already in play.

- Their Skill card(s).

- Their and 4 .

- Equip the Assassin with the cards of your choice from the Villa envelope or from your Headquarters if you have any.

When an Assassin leaves the campaign:

- Put their Assassin card, , remaining and Skill cards inside a plastic bag.

- Place all the Equipment and Reward cards that were on their Assassin board in the Villa envelope or in the Main Hall of the Headquarters if you have any.

Note: You can also swap your Assassin in full health for another during the Campaign by following the above rules, but you cannot swap an Apprentice for an Assassin this way