An Assassin located on one of the 4 squares around a Tower can spend 1 to climb it and place their miniature at the top if an Assassin isn’t already there.


An Assassin on a square in contact with a Tower can climb it if they are incognito. If they are exposed, they can climb it provided there are no Enemies on their square (they become incognito, leave their on their starting square).

An Assassin at the top of a Tower can spend 1 once per Map to Synchronize and reveal new elements on the Map: Then, flip the large card showing a Tower.

An Assassin at the top of a Tower is always incognito and cannot attack. To leave the Tower, perform a Leap of Faith for 0 and place the Assassin on the Hiding Spot (cart or haystack) located at the foot of the tower. If 1+ Enemies are present on the square where the Hiding Spot is located, perform a Detection Test before entering the Hiding Spot. If this Test fails, place your miniature with a on the square (outside the Hiding Spot)

Note: The top of a Tower is neither a square, nor a roof.