When 1 + Assassins / Allies are exposed, all Nearby Enemies simultaneously make 1 attack targeting the square where the Assassins /Allies are located. Each Enemy can perform a maximum of 1 attack during the Enemy Combat step. Each attack is performed in the following order:


Each group of Enemies present on the same square targets in order of priority:

I : Their own square.

II : 1 Nearby square provided they have a weapon equipped. If the group (or part of the group) of Enemies can shoot at several squares containing Assassins/Allies who are exposed, the players decide which square will be targeted (each group can only target 1 single square).


For each square, collect as many black dice as shown on each attacking Enemy’s card. If there are several exposed Assassins/Allies on the targeted square, split the dice evenly between them. If an equal split is not possible, the players decide how to allocate the remaining dice. Then roll the dice for each targeted Assassin/Ally:

= 1 hit

= 1 Fail

Each removes 1 from the targeted Assassin/Ally. An Assassin/Ally who no longer has any is in Critical Condition. If an Assassin/Ally falls in Critical Condition, the remaining (if any) that should have been allocated to them are lost.

Example: Alessandra and Claudio are exposed and on the same square. 1 Agile Guard ( with 2 ) is on their square and 3 Crossbowmen ( with 1 ) are on Nearby squares. There is a total of 5 dice to roll (3 dice for the 3 Crossbowmen and 2 dice for the Agile). Each Assassin receives 2 dice, the players decide to allocate the remaining die to Alessandra. The players roll the dice assigned to them: Alessandra rolls 2 and 1 , so she loses 2 and Claudio gets 2 : He does not lose any .