Begin each game turn by placing 3 on the grouped slots of each Assassin’s board.

Then draw 1 Event card (regardless of the number of Assassins in play). Read it aloud, then place it next to the Map for the duration of the turn. The effect of an Event card takes place immediately, unless the card states otherwise. It can apply to 1+ Assassins, or sometimes to the whole group.

Example: The Dark Night card begins with “During this turn…”: An Assassin (or several, if the Detection Test involves several Assassins) can benefit from its effect during this turn at the time of your choice.

The effect of an Event card only applies during the turn in which it was drawn. However, any change or addition to a Map (tile rotation, addition of Guards...) persists until the Memory is completed.

If the Event card deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and form a new deck.