You will sometimes have to escort an Ally. When 1+ Assassins complete an Objective where they have to escort an Ally, replace the Objective token by the matching miniature.

An Escorted Ally does not have . They can:

- Follow any Assassin present on their square each time an Assassin moves or uses a Fast Travel Station (in this situation, remove the Escorted Character from the game).

- Hide in a Hiding Spot.

- Be exposed or incognito, under the same conditions as the Assassins.

- Perform a Coordinated Attack with 1+ Assassins on their square provided there are 1+ dice printed on their character card.

Note: The Escorted Ally becomes exposed if a icon is present on their card and they may have to incur a if required.

- Go into Critical Condition if they have 1+ on their card and lose all of them (if they have no on their card, they cannot be attacked). If no one heals them before the end of the next turn, the Escorted Ally is Eliminated.

They cannot:

- Climb up to or down from a roof without a ladder;

- Climb a Tower;

- Benefit from the special Ability of the Assassin escorting them.