Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<40> Headquarters Assignment Step


The Headquarters board will be placed on the table when you unlock them. It consists of the following Buildings:

- The Hospital to heal Assassins.

- The Shop to get Equipment.

- The Main Hall to store your surplus Equipment and Blueprints.

- The Workshop to craft Special Equipment from Blueprints.

- The Command Room to improve your Headquarters by fulfilling Contracts, which will allow you to:

- Heal your Assassins more effectively.

- Unlock more Skill cards for them.

- Benefit from certain advantages on the Map.

Each Building has spaces on which you place the miniatures that will operate it.


The Management of the Headquarters takes place during 2 steps:

- Assignment before the 1st attempt of each Memory.

- Resolution after each Memory completed (success).


During the Assignment and Resolution steps, at any time, you may:

- Trade small cards between Assassins (except Skill cards).

- Take or store small cards in the Headquarters’ Main hall.

- Rearrange the cards on your Assassin board.

- Use Medicine to heal an Assassin (discard the card).


If this is your first time in the Headquarters, follow the 5 steps below, otherwise go directly to the “Assignments after Memory 1.1” paragraph. The Assignment step only takes place on the 1st attempt of each Memory (if you failed on the 1st attempt, miniatures cannot be reassigned before the 2nd attempt)

1. Place each Eliminated Assassin miniature on an available red Hospital space .

2. Place the Flying Machine Blueprint card (collected at the end of Memory 0.4) in the Workshop .

3. Reveal Contract card 1 and read it. Do nothing else with this card for the time being (you will play it during the Resolution step). Important: Do not shuffle Contract cards!

4. Place all the cards contained in the Villa envelope in the Main Hall , then store the envelope inside the game box (it will no longer be used for this campaign).

5. Make up 2 groups of miniatures using your Assassins, the 4 Apprentices and your 4 Mercenaries / Courtesans (according to the chosen Headquarters)

a) The “Memory” group will be available for the next Memory. The following miniatures make up the “Memory” group:

- Your Assassins. Any Assassin on a red Hospital space is replaced by an Assassin Apprentice on the Map. Important: You can never replace an Assassin who is in Hospital by another Assassin.

- Ezio Auditore.

-1 Mercenary /Courtesan (according to the chosen Headquarters).

b) The “Headquarters” group will be assigned to the Headquarters:

- Hospital: Place 1 Assassin Apprentice or Mercenary /Courtesan miniature on a white space.

- Workshop: Place 1 Assassin Apprentice or Mercenary /Courtesan miniature there.

- Command Room: Place 1 Assassin Apprentice or Mercenary /Courtesan miniature there.

- Shop: Place 1 Assassin Apprentice or Mercenary /Courtesan miniature there if you have any left.

- Assign any remaining Assassin Apprentice or Mercenary /Courtesan miniatures to the Command Room .


Some Allies can be played either in the Headquarters or on the Map during a Memory. This is indicated on their brown card. To use the Ally on the Map, place their miniature on the table. A miniature can be used multiple times as long as you have cards available to play it. You can make your Ally appear on the Map:

- Each time you use an Equipment card (Mercenaries /Courtesans).

- Each time you use a Skill card (Ezio).

- By meeting the conditions written on the Ally’s brown card.


The Assignment step only takes place on the 1st attempt of each Memory. Assign your miniatures and cards in the following order during each Assignment step:

1. Place each Eliminated Assassin miniature on a red Hospital space. If you wish, you may also place 1+ Injured Assassins there. In any case, put their Assassin card, card, card, III and IV Skill cards and their remaining inside a plastic bag (you will recover them as soon as they leave the Hospital).

Reminder: Any Assassin on a red Hospital space will be replaced by an Assassin Apprentice during the next Memory.

2. Choose 1 Blueprint card and place it in the Workshop.

3. If the card located on the top of the Contract deck in the Command Room is placed face down, reveal it. If this card has a gray text box, read/play what it says now (refer to the “Contract card” text box on the next page). If this is your 2nd attempt at fulfilling the Contract (you failed the 1st time), you have to place enough miniatures in the Command Room to succeed. Each die that should be rolled automatically provides a (no need to roll them).

4. Separate your miniatures into 2 groups: Those who will participate in the next Memory and those who will stay in the Headquarters.

5. Assign Allies and Assassin Apprentices of the “Headquarters” group in the Buildings of your choice. You can have a maximum of:

- 4 Injured or Eliminated miniatures and 4 caregivers in the Hospital.

- 4 miniatures in the Workshop and in the Shop.

- 6 miniatures in the Command Room.


Each Contract card is divided into several text boxes which can be:

Gray: To be played during the Assignment step (before the Memory).


Red: To be played during the Resolution step (after the Memory).

As long as the text in the box you read directs you to a box or card of the same color, keep playing. Whenever you need to switch to a box or card of a different color, wait for the next step (Assignment or Resolution) to continue playing.

Note: You can always read the entire text of a Contract card, even if you can’t play it it.

On the card example, you can read all of the text (gray box and red box), but you will have to wait for the Headquarters’ Resolution step to play what is written in the red box.