Each time you reach or pass a Level I, II, III or IV space on the Experience Track located in the Diary of Memories, all Assassins (including those not in play), level up: The special ability on their Assassin card is upgraded and they acquire a new Skill.


To display the Level reached, turn over each Assassin’s card or take it from their envelope and swap it with the one on their board. If the Assassin is not in play or is in the Headquarters’ Hospital, place the card in the Assassin’s plastic bag.


Take the 3 Skill cards matching the Level reached out of each Assassin’s envelope. Choose 1 and place it on the corresponding slot of their Assassin board (leave the other 2 inside their envelope). If the Assassin is not in play, place the card in their plastic bag.

Reminder: An Assassin Apprentice cannot use Level III or IV Skill cards (place them in their plastic bag).

Skill cards can be used at the time indicated on the card or at any time if not indicated. You can play several at the same time. The effect of a Skill card only applies to the Assassin who owns it, unless the text on that card indicates otherwise.

Some Skill cards have “Lvl. I, II, III or IV Headquarters required” written on them. You can pick one of these cards, but to use it, your Headquarters must be at the indicated Level.