The easiest way to get started is with the Dized Tutorial, that guides you through the first 3 Memories as you play. Afterwards you can continue playing with the help of the Campaign book and the Rules.

However, if you do not wish to use the Tutorial, you can learn how to play by reading only the rules you will need before each game, or you may read them all before you start playing.

The first Memories (missions) include numbered rule points in blue diamonds. As soon as you encounter one (in the Campaign Booklet, on a card or on a token during play), you can refer to the Dized Rules and read the corresponding rule point.

It's strongly recommend that you read the rule points of the Memory you are going to play ahead of time in the Campaign booklet. Then summarize them for the other players once you’re ready to play. If this is your choice, keep reading until you reach the end of rule point 1.

Note: As soon as an Assassin reaches a numbered token, after having read the corresponding rule point, remove this token as well as any token bearing the same number.


When you have finished reading these, refer to the Campaign booklet to set up and play your first Memory