A Memory is failed as soon as one of the following conditions occurs:

- All Assassins have been Eliminated.


- The Memory included a failure condition that was met. For example: The character that the Assassins had to protect has been Eliminated.


There are not enough miniatures left to place all the Guards when required. Note: This also applies if 1+ of your Characters are wearing a Guard uniform (their miniature has been replaced by a Guard miniature).

If you have failed a Memory, you have a second chance to complete it:

- Keep the Equipment cards present on your Assassin boards. Note: Do not recover the Equipment cards that were discarded during the first attempt.

- Remove any from the “+” slots of the Assassin boards.

- Return any Chest cards you collected during your first attempt to the Chest card deck in their original order.

When you replay the Memory:

- Set the Map up once again as if you were playing the Memory for the first time. Do not forget to restore the tiles, Enemy miniatures and tokens to their original state.
- The Assassins restart the Memory with the left at the end of their first attempt. Each Eliminated Assassin is replaced by an Assassin Apprentice (see 27).
- Before restarting the Memory, you can trade Equipment between Assassins, equip yourself, deposit and/or remove Equipment stored in the Villa or the Headquarters (without using any ).

In any case, if you fail a second time, other members of the Brotherhood of Assassins will come and complete the Memory for you. Consider this Memory as successfully completed and read the “Memory Synchronized” page on the back of the Memory concerned, but:

- Do not keep any Chest cards from this Memory (put them back on top of the Chest deck).
- Do not place any 100% Sync stickers.

- Only receive XP from mandatory Objectives.

Then continue the campaign.