Assassin’s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice contains many envelopes that are to be opened only when one of the booklets prompts you to do so.

Whenever you are asked to open an envelope, start by only taking out the large red card found on top of the pack of cards. Read the instructions on the card to learn what to do with the other cards inside the envelope. When the text is preceded by a , reveal and read those cards. If the text is preceded by a , you must not reveal or read them.

Regardless of the number of players, open the 4 Alessandra, Bastiano, Claudio and Dariâ envelopes. Take the large red card out of each envelope and follow the instructions on each card.

Choosing an Assassin Apprentice

As you are new to Assassin’s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice, you will play as Assassin Apprentices for your first Memory. Choose the Apprentices you will play as.

Note: At this stage, the only differences are the color of the Apprentice’s card and their gender. You will be able to switch characters after playing through your first Memory

Take the miniature and color base corresponding to your Assassin Apprentice from the game box. Place an Assassin board in front of you with your Assassin Apprentice’s card in the center. Place 3 (action cubes) and 3 (health cubes) on your board.

Leave the remaining Assassin Apprentice cards in their respective envelopes and put the 4 envelopes back inside the game box.

The space on the Assassin Board for the hidden blade and the slots to the right labelled III and IV are used by Assassins only and are not available to an Apprentice.

NOTE! If you opted to skip the tutorial and play with the Rules, and you want to start playing right away, you can now stop reading the Rules. Open the Campaign Booklet and set up Memory 0.1.

If you have chosen to read all the rules before starting to play, you may read on.