SAVE 1 (1 )

When setting up Maps from Memory 0.3 onward, place a 4th next to each Assassin board.

Whenever you decide to save 1 of your 3 , place it on the slot with the “+” icon on your Assassin board. The stays there until you decide to use it. You can use 1 saved in either of these situations:

- During an Assassin phase.

- During an Enemy phase, before or after one of the three Enemy Steps (you will learn about them later). You can also perform an action costing 0 during the enemies phase by respecting these conditions.

Example: Guards enter a square containing the 4 Assassins and 2 of them become exposed after the Detection Test! If they don’t do anything, the Guards will attack them. Once the Enemy Movement step is complete, Bastiano uses the that he has saved to throw a smoke bomb: All Assassins become incognito, they no longer have anything to fear during this turn.

At the start of the next game turn, you will collect your 3 as usual; if you haven’t used your saved , you will therefore have a total of 4 on your Assassin board. At the end of a Memory, if you have a in your “+” slot, you must remove it.

Note: The special ability on Dariâ’s card allows her to give a back to an Assassin, even if they used a previously saved . This Assassin can therefore play with a 5th during the same turn!