An Assassin/Ally who has all their is in Full Health.


An Assassin/Ally is Injured when they have lost 1+ but still have at least 1 .


An Assassin/Ally is in Critical Condition when there are no longer any on their board. Lay their miniature down and remove their from the Map. Assassins/Allies in this state cannot do anything.

Assassins /Allies in Critical Condition must be healed, with Medicine for example. They will then go back to Full Health status if they recover all their or to Injured status if not. They can then immediately use their if they have any left, otherwise they will have to wait until the start of the next turn’s Event phase to collect their 3 .

Note: Assassins in Critical Condition recover 3 at the start of the Event phase as usual (however, they cannot use them while in Critical Condition).

An Assassin on the same square as an Assassin in Critical Condition can perform the Trade action with the latter if they agree to it.

For example, they can take Medicine from the Assassins in Critical Condition in order to cure them.


If no one comes to heal an Assassin/Ally who is in Critical Condition before the end of the next game turn, they are Eliminated. Then put the following cards in a plastic bag if they are on your Assassin board:

- Assassin card.

- card.

- card.

- Aptitude cards level III and IV.

Remove the Eliminated Assassin miniature from the Map and place it on the table near you. After completing the Memory, place the miniature in the Hospital of the Headquarters if available.

Note: Assassins who cannot leave a Map are Eliminated. For example, they used a parachute (discarded after use) to move behind a wall and they no longer have a parachute to go back.