Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<27> Playing as an Assassin Apprentice


The Eliminated Assassin will not participate in the next Memory:

- If he was Eliminated during a successful Memory or on the second attempt to complete a Memory, he will be replaced by an Assassin Apprentice at the start of the next Memory.

- If he was Eliminated in the 1st attempt of a Memory that failed, he will be replaced by an Apprentice Assassin at the start of the 2nd attempt to complete that Memory.

Take an Assassin Apprentice miniature. If you have Headquarters, take this miniature from any location of your choice on the Headquarters board when you place the Eliminated Assassin in the Hospital.

An Assassin Apprentice can perform the same actions as an Assassin. On your board, place:

- The corresponding Assassin Apprentice card.

- On the , , and slots, the cards chosen from those available to you: Usually those of the Eliminated Assassin or those in the Villa/Headquarters. Important: An Assassin Apprentice cannot use .

- 3 + those of their armor.

- 3 + 1 on the side from Memory 0.3 onwards.

- The Eliminated Assassin’s Level I and II Skill cards. Important: An Assassin Apprentice cannot use Level III or IV Skill cards.

If you don’t have your Headquarters yet, your Assassin will be in Full Health as soon as you complete the Memory with the Assassin Apprentice. You can then recover the Assassin with all their .