Check if the Memory is a success or a failure:

Continuing the Memory

As long as there are 1+ Assassins on the Map and/or 1+ Objectives to complete, start a new game turn:

- Discard the Event card drawn at the start of the turn.
- Remove from play any red bases () that aren’t attached to a miniature. Note: A red base indicates the last known position of an exposed (spotted by Enemies) Assassin/Ally.

Successful Memory

A Memory is successful as soon as:

- All Memory Objectives have been completed.


- At least 1 Assassin has left the Map using a Fast Travel Station.


- No Assassin is left on the Map.

When these conditions occur, the game turn ends immediately (do not play the Enemy phase). Dismantle the Map: Tiles, Enemy miniatures and tokens go back inside the game box.

Then turn the page of the Memory you just played in the Campaign Book to discover the conclusion of the Memory and receive your rewards.