Play as the Enemies during these 3 steps:

1. Enemy Reinforcement
2. Enemy Movement
3. Enemy Combat

Important reminder: You can perform an action before or after one of the Enemy steps by using a saved or if the action costs 0 .


Whenever 1 + Enemies move or appear on a square containing 1+ Assassins/Allies who are incognito and/or 1+ Bodies, before anything else, perform 1 Detection Test (see 22). If several Detection Tests take place during the same step (Enemy Reinforcement or Movement), they take place simultaneously: If the Alert must be triggered following one of these Tests, it will only take place at the end of the current step.

Example: During the Enemy Movement step, 3 Guards enter a square containing Dariâ, who is incognito, and 1 Body. Immediately perform 1 Detection Test: Dariâ must roll 3 dice (there are 3 Guards), also roll 3 for the Body. Dariâ rolls 3 blank sides: She remains incognito. The Body rolls 1 . The Alert will be triggered at the end of this step.

1 Detection Test per square is performed regardless of the number of Enemies, Assassins, Allies and/or bodies involved.

Example: An Event card tells you to ignore the first Detection Test. 3 Enemies move to a square containing 2 Assassins and 1 Body. You should have performed 1 Detection Test, but get to ignore it.