A Boss is a particularly powerful and difficult Enemy to Eliminate. When you face a Boss, place the number of corresponding to the number of Assassins on the Map on the Boss’ card. Reminder: Assassin Apprentices are considered as Assassins.

Example: 3 Assassins are in play. The Boss attacks with 4 dice and has 4 : Place 4 on the Boss’ card.

A boss moves, performs Detection Tests and fights according to the same rules as the Guards, unless the Boss card states otherwise.

When hit, he loses 1 if he takes a number of at least equal to the total of remaining on his card.

Example: Alessandra is on the square of a Boss who has 4 . She attacks and rolls 5 . The Boss loses 1 (it took 4 , because the Boss has 4 ). The 5th is not enough to hit the Boss, but it can be assigned to another Enemy on the square targeted by the attack.

If the total of is inferior to the Boss’ total of , he is not injured.

Reminder: An Enemy Retaliates if 1+ dice roll 1+ .

An Assassin’s attack or a Coordinated attack (multiple Assassins) can remove several of a Boss’ .

Continuation of the previous example: Bastiano joins Alessandra on the square of the Boss who now has 3 . They each spend 1 to perform a Coordinated Attack. They roll the dice and get a total of 5 . The Boss loses 2 : 3 remove 1 , he now has 2 left. The 2 remaining remove 1 extra . He now has 1 .

A Boss is Eliminated when you remove their last . Their Body can be searched and hidden, unless the Boss card says otherwise.

A Boss occupies 1 space on a square in the same way as a Guard would. If he should appear on a square that already contains the maximum number of Guards, remove 1 Guard from that square (return it to its reserve).

The number in the hexagon next to the Boss’s name represents the amount of experience (XP) you will gain at the end of Memory after Eliminating him.

Tip: Some powerful can directly remove 1+ from a Boss.

Reminders: When a Boss appears on a square containing 1+ Assassins, he performs 1 Detection Test. Any text referring to 1+ “Guards” does not apply to a “Boss”.