Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<51> Playing on Two Map Side by Side



Draw 1 Event card for each Map and apply its effect to thec orresponding Map.


Assassins use their as usual.


As long as both Maps are in play, reinforcements enter only on the Map pointed by the small white triangle located on the back of the card on top of the Enemy Reinforcement deck.

Play the Enemy Movement and Combat steps as usual on both Maps.

Reminders: You can use a Fast Travel Station to move to another Fast Travel Station, even if it is on a different Map. Furthermore, the Enemy phase must always be played, even if no Assassin is present on a Map where there are still 1+ Objectives to accomplish.

As soon as one of the two Maps no longer contains neither Objectives nor Assassins, dismantle it as usual (return the Guards who were on it to their Reserve). During each subsequent turn, Reinforcements will enter the remaining. Map until the end of Memory.

Note: If an Alert is triggered on one Map it does not automatically trigger an Alert on the other Map. .