: Place this card on the slot of your Assassin board bearing the same icon. If there is no icon or if the slot is already occupied by another card, place it on one of the available slots.

Equipment Name.

Number of the rule point in Rules that will teach you how to use this piece of Equipment.

Cost in to use the piece of Equipment and description of its effect.

Name of the envelope that contained this card.

: This card has a black background: It must be placed in the Equipment discard pile after use.

: This card with a light gray background can be used as many times as you want. If you decide to get rid of it, it will be permanently discarded: Put it back inside the envelope it came from

Each slot on the Assassin board can accommodate a maximum of 1 card bearing the corresponding icon. A weapon card must be placed in one of these slots before it can be used by an Assassin.

Each of the 5 slots on the bottom right can accommodate 1 card of any type.